Manufacturing Excellence

Argotec offers fundamental expertise in consistently high-quality engineered polymers for a wide range of industries and applications.

Your Experienced Manufacturing Partner

With a long legacy of manufacturing excellence, Argotec serves customers who require specialized and often niche solutions to improve the performance and durability of their end products. For decades, we have been a consistent and trusted partner, providing expert technical knowledge and production technologies for extruded resin-based products. Our unmatched manufacturing capabilities in thermoplastic polyurethane films and processes allows Argotec to leverage our manufacturing excellence to supply advanced materials for leading brands of all sizes around the world.

Safety First

At Argotec, we consistently monitor and strive to improve our safety performance. Ensuring our employees return home in the same condition as when they arrived at work is one of our most fundamental obligations to each other, and one which clearly demonstrates our Guiding Principle: our employees are our most important asset.

In recent years, we have dedicated material resources and intense focus to achieve strong safety performance. That achievement is something in which the entire Argotec team takes great pride.

Our focus on safety drives Argotec to be “incident free” so that all employees have the expectation that they can come to work in an environment they feel is safe and one that they can have an impact on improving.

We achieve these results through:

  • Employee engagement through safety committees
  • Focusing on safe behaviors through self-audits and looking out for each other
  • Awareness through training and communication
  • Policies and procedures to stay compliant with regulations
  • Rewards and recognition promoting positive behaviors around safety

Operational Excellence

Our commitment to continuous improvement is perhaps most evident in our manufacturing facilities. The foundation of our continuous improvement process is Lean Six Sigma. Across our global enterprise, our standardized approach to processes and our high standards for quality ensure no matter where a product is produced, it will carry the Argotec promise of quality and performance, every time.

Key aspects of our Operational Excellence program include the following, which are often incorporated across all aspects of our business not just manufacturing:

  • Lean Six Sigma efforts, including Kaizen events
  • Enterprise-wide continuous improvement efforts through our 5S program
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness as a key metric for manufacturing
  • Benchmarking and sharing of best practices is a cornerstone


Argotec is committed to attaining and maintaining globally recognized certifications which illustrate best practices in quality and environmental management, occupational health and safety management systems, security, and sustainability. Argotec is proud to have earned the following certifications:

Areas of Expertise

Our global enterprise has unmatched capability, capacity and commitment, combined with the modern manufacturing equipment and technical expertise to produce products and identify solutions that solve our customers’ most demanding application challenges.

Advanced Materials & Structures Areas of Technical Excellence

Argotec creates superior products in high-value applications that protect and improve products. Our extrusion capabilities include:

  • High-volume extrusion
  • Blown film
  • Cast-on-carrier
  • Flat die
  • Multi-layer constructions

    The Argotec team also has extensive experience using a range of resins, such as:

    • Noryl PPO
    • Polysufone
    • Polyethlyene
    • PEEK
    • Nylon Polyamide
    • Polycarbonates
    • Glass-Filled ABS
    • Glass-Filled Noryl
    • Aliphatic Polyurethane
    • Aromatic Polyurethane
    • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
    • Co-Polyester Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Films

      With respect to our specialty films, we offer the following additive packages:

      • UV resistance
      • NSF, FDA and USP approvals
      • Lubricant-free
      • Color options
      • Antistatic films
      • Custom engineered slip properties
      • Flame resistance (UL V-O or equivalent)
      • Extremely high optical clarity
      • Antibacterial

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