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The Sky’s The Limit: Material Solutions for the Aerospace & Aviation Markets

Argotec extrudes the highest quality, most dependable thermoplastic films for the aerospace and aviation industries. Our innovative engineered films have revolutionized the Aerospace and Aviation industries, setting the standards for performance, safety, and efficiency.

Engineered Films in Aircraft Manufacturing

Argotec Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polymer filmsare designed to meet the stringent industry requirements found in aerospace and aviation development. The aerospace and aviation market thrives on innovation, and the unique mechanical properties of polymer films enable product engineers to design new and creative technology for aircraft. Moreover, its inherent flexibility and resilience make it an excellent choice for areas subject to high stress.

Benefits of Polymer Films in Aerospace & Aviation

Versatile and durable Argotec engineered films offer a broad range of benefits for aerospace and aviation fabrication.Engineered polymer films are meticulously designed to meet specific project needs. They can offer superior resistance to heat, chemicals, or UV radiation.

Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong, these specialty polymer films resist abrasion, corrosion, and high impacts.It’s also highly resilient against harsh environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for aircraft components.

TPU Film Applications in Airplanes

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films are a critical component in the aviation industry. The application of TPU films in aviation is extensive and continually growing. These films are used in a wide range of components, from cabin interiors to exterior parts. Specialty polymer films are found in seat covers, armrests, and cabin panels, offering superior durability while ensuring passenger comfort.

On the exterior, engineered films are used as protective layers on wings and fuselage, shielding these parts from wear and tear. TPU-bonded aircraft canopies and windows laminated with optically clear interlayer films are also common utilizations of engineered films in aircrafts. TPU films extend the life of exterior airplane advertising and graphics exposed to harsh and extreme conditions better than PVC.

TPU films are also making their mark in the realm of composite aircraft materials. They’re increasingly used in the fabrication of lightweight, high-strength composites that offer enhanced performance and longevity. From structural components to interior fittings, TPU film applications in aviation are redefining what’s possible in aircraft design and manufacturing.

Argotec Films for Aerospace and Aviation

From spacecrafts to airplanes, Argotec engineered films and polymer sheets are manufactured to satisfy the highest quality and safety standards required of the aerospace and aviation industry. Our broad product range for these markets features unique products that can reduce costs while increasing efficiency and performance. From optically clear interlayer films to durable textile lamination films, Argotec offers a range of product solutions.

Featuring industry-leading expertise, Argotec partners with you to create custom material solutions for your most complex challenges – contact our team to learn how our specialty extruded films can work for your unique aerospace and aviation applications.

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