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Polymer Films: The Unsung Heroes of Printing & Graphics

Polymer films are often overlooked in the printing and graphics industry, despite the crucial role they play in durable, versatile image production. Argotec polyurethane films for graphics are an essential component in overall quality for graphic prints found in many everyday applications.

Durable and Versatile Material Solutions for the Graphics Market

Argotec extrudes thermoplastic polyurethane into thin sheets or “films” for printing and graphics applications. As the premier supplier of manufactured specialty films, Argotec polymer films are used for a wide variety of uses, from car wraps to advertising graphics. The versatility and durability of TPU films make them an integral part of the printing and graphics industry.
Despite their prevalence, TPU films remain largely unseen by the public. They are hidden within the layers of the final product, providing the necessary support and protection without loss of clarity or distortion.

Benefits of Engineered Films for Graphics and Printing

The benefits of using TPU films in the printing and graphics industry are numerous due to the unique characteristics of this specialty polymer. Their flexibility allows for unique and creative designs, while their durability ensures that these designs will last for a long time. Benefits of engineered films include:

  • High-Quality, Vibrant Prints
  • Protection From Environmental Damage
  • Scratch & Tear Resistant
  • UV Protection Against Yellowing or Fading
  • Flexible for Unique Applications
  • Easily Cut, Shaped & Molded

TPU Films for Graphic Car Wraps and Fleet Graphics

One of the most popular applications for Argotec TPU films is in the creation of graphic car wraps and fleet graphics. These films are used to cover the exterior of vehicles, providing a protective layer and allowing for vibrant, high-quality graphics to be displayed.

Argotec films for graphic car wraps are durable and resistant to the elements. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and physical wear and tear without losing their vibrancy or clarity. In addition to their durability, Argotec films offer a smooth, glossy finish that enhances the overall appearance of the graphics. They provide a professional look and feel that is highly sought after in the automotive industry.

Other Applications for Argotec Graphic Film

Beyond car wraps and fleet graphics, there are many other applications for TPU films in the graphics and printing industry. From protective film with images to specialty plastic films for the graphics industry, the possibilities are endless and include:

  • Signage and Banners
  • Labels and Packaging
  • Kiosks
  • Transit Graphics

Argotec Advantage for Graphic Film Extrusion

Argotec is a leading provider of TPU films and has developed a proprietary process for graphic film extrusion. This process ensures that the TPU films produced are of the highest quality, with superior durability and printability. The Argotec advantage extends to the entire graphic film systems, offering comprehensive solutions for the printable film market. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name in the industry. Argotec’s TPU films are not only durable and versatile, but they are also environmentally friendly. They are made from recyclable materials and are produced using a process that minimizes waste and energy consumption.

Argotec films are an integral part of the printing and graphics industry. Their versatility, durability, and high-quality printability make them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The next time you see a vibrant car wrap or an eye-catching banner, remember the unseen hero behind it all – Argotec engineered films.

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