Technical Materials Engineered for Industrial Applications

Argotec engineered polymer films are renowned for their exceptional mechanical properties, making them ideal for many industrial functions. Argotec manufactures a wide range of material solutions for industrial applications including glass interlayer film, graphics film, surface protection film, heavy duty industrial films, textile lamination materials, and urethane tubing and cord.

High Performance Polymer Films & Their Importance To Industrial Applications

High performance Argotec films are designed to withstand harsh conditions and demanding applications. Made from high performance polymers,Argotec engineered films provide superior mechanical properties including high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, and dimensional stability.

High performance films are crucial in the industrial setting. The failure of a component can lead to significant consequences, such as equipment downtime, production loss, and even safety hazards. Argotec polymer films can help mitigate these risks by providing a reliable and durable solution.

Understanding Engineered Film for Industrial Use

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Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film is a type of extruded plastic film that has gained popularity for industrial use. TPU film characteristics include high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, and superior abrasion resistance. It also has good thermal stability, allowing it to maintain its properties in a wide temperature range.

TPU film for industrial use is often customized to meet specific application needs. For example, it can be formulated to be flame retardant for use in electrical and electronic equipment, or to be hydrolysis resistant for use in water contact applications. Its versatility makes it suitable for a myriad of industrial applications, from automotive parts to medical devices, from sports equipment to protective clothing. It can be made thin or thick, flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque, smooth or textured, depending on the specific requirements.

Benefits of Argotec Industrial Films

Heavy duty Argotec films, designed for high-stress applications, have higher tensile strength, higher tear resistance, and higher puncture resistance than standard TPU films. They also have excellent flex fatigue resistance, meaning they can endure repeated bending and flexing without cracking or breaking.

Industrial-strength films are easily processed by common industrial methods, such as cutting, drilling, welding, and bonding. They also have good dimensional stability, ensuring they maintain their shape and size during and after processing. This makes them a practical and reliable choice for industrial applications.

Industrial Applications for Heavy Duty TPU Films

The industrial applications of heavy duty TPU films are diverse. In the automotive industry, they can be used for car seat covers, airbags, and other interior components to resist wear and tear. In the construction industry, they can be used for roofing membranes, vapor barriers, and other building materials to withstand weathering and aging.

Another significant application of heavy duty Argotec films is in inflatable structures, such as inflatable boats, inflatable tents, and inflatable toys. These structures require a material that is not only strong and durable but also lightweight and flexible. Heavy duty TPU films meet all these requirements, making them an ideal choice.

Argotec Solutions for the Industrial Market

While engineered film offers many advantages, it’s essential to choose a reliable manufacturer who can provide high-quality specialty films with consistent properties. Argotec’s expertise in custom engineering ensures our Industrial TPU film meets the exact specifications of the intended application.

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Argotec offers multiple products for the industrial field, as well as customized film development. Argotec engineered films and material solutions for the industrial market include:

  • Glass Interlayer Films
  • Graphic Films
  • Surface Protection Films
  • Medical Utility Films
  • Textile Lamination Films
  • Optically Clear Films
  • Chemical Resistant Films
  • Hydrophilic Films
  • Custom Engineered Films
  • TPU & EVA Films
  • Urethane Tubing & Cord

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