Argotec Engineered Film Applications

Argotec is a recognized leader in engineered film extrusion, offering a diverse range of polymer, thermoplastic polyurethane, polyurethane (PU), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), copolyester, and specialty resin film and sheet. Argotec engineered films find many applications spanning across multiple industries, from healthcare to manufacturing.

Our expertise does not stop at supplying superior quality polymer films. Argotec is committed to driving innovation in the industry, offering unparalleled support for complex applications. With a wealth of knowledge that surpasses many in the sector, we can guide you through intricate product development in your unique applications.

As the leading source of engineered film solutions, Argotec continues to push the boundaries of technology and innovation. Learn more about common polymer film application or contact our team to see how we can collaborate on your challenging applications.


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