Film On Paper For Medical Applications

The Challenge

In medical settings, it’s important to utilize materials that provide a barrier to both liquid and viral contaminants, shielding patients and staff from potentially harmful blood-borne pathogens. Equally important, the materials need to be soft, breathable, and stretchable for patient comfort.

Our Solution

ArgoMedPLUS® a revolutionary film-on-paper with controlled release for the medical wound care marketplace is a versatile film that meets target peel values to provide the proper peel release properties to allow kiss-cutting the windows from the frame. Designed for patient comfort, the film and paper stay intact during the PSA coating and slitting process; when the dressing is applied to a patient, the frame easily separates from the thermoplastic polyurethane. The material is a viable, cost-effective film-on-paper option for medical supply retailers, distributors, tape converters and adhesive coaters to choose for the manufacture of high-performance surgical drapes and wound care frame dressings. The materials inherent softness, breathability, and conformability allow them to stretch and recover for patient comfort.

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