Graphic Film Protection

The Challenge

When exposed to harsh outdoor weathering, graphics such as advertising on vehicles can become dull, yellowed, or cracked, damaging the brand message they are supposed to convey. Serious brand owners who use vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, outdoor signage, and building wraps need materials that can stand up to the sun, weather, the wind, and temperature extremes.

Our Solution

ArgoGraph® urethane graphic films system: ArgoGraph-White print media and ArgoGraph-Clear overlaminate films. Designed to protect, preserve and prolong the life of advertising and decorative graphics subject to harsh conditions ArgoGraph is a flexible new option for the wide-format digital printing industry. An environmentally friendly option, the films are non-PVC, halogen- and lubricant-free and accept all commercial adhesive systems.

The high-performance urethane films out-perform vinyl and they are conformable for ease of use and efficient installation and clear to protect and present the image clearly over time. The films are highly durable to prevent damage from UV, abrasion, chipping, and exposure to various chemicals and wear.

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