EVA Interlayer Film

Argotec is a global leader in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) interlayer film solutions. Our diverse Argotec™ interlayer film product line is custom engineered to offer precision extrusions for a variety of glass lamination applications. Argotec interlayer EVA films are unmatched in optical clarity, hot and cold characteristics and offer the best overall quality in the glass lamination industry.

Argotec EVA Interlayer Film Applications

Argotec EVA Interlayer Film is custom engineered from copolymer resin and is used as an interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of glass or plastic sheet. Argotec EVA interlayer film is ideal for use in smart glass applications like privacy for conference rooms. Copolymer-based optical interlayer EVA films are used to laminate architectural switchable glass composites. Argotec EVA films offer applications the benefit of being optically clear with no yellowing, while allowing low temperature glass lamination processing.


  • Available in clear, white or various colors
  • No plasticizers to migrate or cause embrittlement
  • UV protection
  • Sound barrier
  • Packed in roll form
  • Smooth, non-sticky surface


  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent transparency
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Good temperature performance
  • Humidity durable


  • Transportation glazing
  • Architectural glazing
  • Decorative glass for low temperature processing in glass-to-glass bonding
  • Switchable glass laminates for privacy at the click of a switch
  • “SMART” glass installations for adaptable and multi-functional space design

Argotec EVA Interlayer Film Quality

To ensure quality, we use digital camera inspection on all Argotec EVA interlayer film production. Computerized systems can detect and document pin holes, voids, gels, wrinkles, streaks and dark or light contaminants as small as 0.3 mm. All of our interlayer extruders are housed in an atmospherically controlled hard walled white room. Each extrusion line is in its own ISO Class 7, soft walled clean room.

Our products do not require refrigerated storage and do not contain plasticizers that can migrate and degrade a composite structure. Argotec has the cleanest, most modern interlayer film extrusion operation in North America, Europe and Asia and extrudes over 50% of the world’s total usage of interlayer films. Argotec EVA film products are the highest quality in the industry, driving invention within glass applications.

To learn how our durable and versatile EVA films can help your project designs and innovations, contact our team of extruded polymer experts today!


  • Film


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure


  • Aliphatic Polyether
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)


  • ST-6050

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