Aliphatic TPU Film

What Are Aliphatic TPU Films ?

Aliphatic films, composed of aliphatic polyurethane and aliphatic TPU materials, are made up from straight chain compounds that support color stability and prevent yellowing under UV exposure. The unique chemical structure provides extreme elemental resistance with exceptional optical clarity, resulting in a high-performance film that maintains its transparency, color consistency, and mechanical properties even after prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals.

Argotec aliphatic polymer films offer promising solutions for various project needs – contact us to learn more about Argotec aliphatic films for your most complex applications.

Benefits of Argotec Aliphatic Films

Because of its unique mechanical properties, high-performance Argotec aliphatic films are used in a diverse range of industrial sectors. Argotec aliphatic extrusions offer benefits such as:

  • Extreme durability & longevity
  • High tensile strength & elongation
  • Non-yellowing in UV light exposure
  • Superior abrasion & tear resistance
  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures
  • Chemical resistance in industrial settings
  • Ideal for harsh outdoor exposure
  • Halogen, phthalate & pvc-free
  • Printable via solvent, eco-solvent & latex ink systems

Applications for Argotec Aliphatic Films

Durable Argotec aliphatic films are suitable for a variety of demanding applications, including applications requiring long-term outdoor exposure. Applications for Argotec aliphatic films include:

  • Car Wraps
  • Paint Protection Films
  • Graphic Films for Printing
  • Window & Glass Films
  • Textile Lamination

Argotec aliphatic films are used extensively in the automotive industry, particularly in car wraps and paint protection films due to their outstanding durability and resistance to environmental damage. Argotec high-performance aliphatic films are also utilized in the construction sector for window film applications, and in the textile industry to produce durable, weather-resistant fabrics.


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