Aromatic TPU Films

What Are Aromatic Films ?

Aromatic TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film is a unique polymer film based on aromatic isocyanates, which impart the unique characteristics of both stretch and durability to the polymer.

Benefits of Argotec Aromatic Films

Argotec, the leader in aromatic film extrusion, offers high-quality aromatic films that provide benefits such as:

  • Air Holding Capabilities
  • Breathability
  • Water Resistance
  • Puncture, Abrasion & Chemical Resistance
  • Adhesive Bonding Layer
  • High Stretch & Recovery
  • RF Weldable
  • Deep Draw Forming

Applications of Argotec Aromatic Films

Because of its robust yet versatile nature, Argotec aromatic films are used for many different industrial and medical applications, including:

  • Automotive Seat Covers & Airbags
  • Aircraft Protection
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Textile Lamination

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